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Honor is the singularly most precious possession once lost or damaged, it can only be regained though the rigorous trial or long-term atonement, and sometimes not even then. One of the greatest and most important points of personal honor is a person's word.


Excuses DO NOT exist; if you pledge your word, you had better be telling the truth. If you swear on your honor to do something you had better fulfill the promise. Act dishonorably, and suffer for it!


Respect is a valuable device whereby you may do honor to another, but it is also the means whereby a warrior may maintain his status and

indeed his very life, through wise application of this particular concept.


Honor - One man's brief interpretation:


Honor is not earned; the person who has it demonstrates it. It can not be given to you, nor taken away, nor besmirched by another. Others can give you respect or treat you in a disrespectful manner, but that have no effect on your honor. Only you yourself can damage or destroy it.


Your honor is yours and yours alone. It is shown by keeping your word to all you give it to, whether stated or implied, by standing fast in your beliefs even in the face of apparently insurmountable odds, by doing what you see as right no matter the cost to yourself.


A bit of advice to Free Persons:


Do not abuse another Master's slave, even in his absence. If it's not your property, hands off. If a slave behaves in such a way as to provoke you to administer punishment, make certain, that it is is done in the presence of witnesses.


Despite what you think having a capital on your name does not qualify you to command slaves. You must first prove to them that you are not a weak Master that wishes nothing but to drool over the slaves. This happens over a period of time, in which a slave and the other Masters meet and get to know you. Simply enter and allow the slaves to serve you and though your online actions prove that you have honorable intentions.


Consider what you do and what effect it might have on what could be a fragile mind, heart, and soul.








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